CCP-BioSim Conference: Frontiers of Biomolecular Simulation

The first CCP-BioSim conference, Frontiers of Biomolecular Simulation, will be held on Wednesday June 27th. Registration is now open at:

The conference is a satellite session (beginning at 2pm) of Computational Molecular Science 2012: at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.

Speakers include:

Robert Best (University of Cambridge)
Phil Biggin (University of Oxford)
Julien Michel (University of Edinburgh) 'Computer-aided design and computational studies of small molecules that modulate transcription'
Luca Monticelli (INSERM Paris) 'Lipid membranes as solvents for carbon nanoparticles'

and in the morning session of CMS:

09:00 09:50 David Wales: 'Exploring Energy Landscapes: From Molecules to Nanodevices'
09:50 10:20 Mats Persson: 'Organics on Surfaces: self-assembly and molecular switches'
Coffee 10:20 11:00
11:00 11:30 Michele Vendruscolo: 'Characterization of free energy landscapes of proteins using NMR spectroscopy'
11:30 12:00 Syma Khalid: 'Simple Cell, Complex Envelope: Modelling the Heterogeneous Membranes of E.coli'
12:00 12:30 Jochen Blumberger: 'Blockade of Inhibitor Diffusion in [NiFe]-hydrogenase Mutants: a mechanistic Picture from Multiscale Simulation'

Registration is only £20 (for the whole day, including lunch) or £5 for the afternoon from 2pm (no lunch).

Places for whole day registration are limited.

Start time: Wed, 27/06/2012 (All day)
End time: Wed, 27/06/2012 (All day)