The CLMS, in conjunction with related partners, produces a variety of reports, policy documents, and position papers on topical issues in the computational sciences domain.

National E-infrastructure Survey (May 2013)
The directors of projects funded through the national e-infrastructure funding associated with the UK e-Infrastructure Leadership Council commissioned this survey in order to determine the shape, size and extent of the National E-Infrastructure. This task was undertaken by Paul Lewis (Janet), Harpreet Dhonoa (DiRAC) and Jeremy Yates (UCL).

CLMS Brochure (April 2013)
The CLMS has published a promotional brochure detailing our activities and interests.

CLMS Annual Report 2012 (Oct 2012)
The CLMS produces an annual report summarising our goals, activities, and achievements.

INBIOMEDvision, led by Dr Nour Shublaq, organized three Think Tank sessions, seeking the involvement of participants from different communities. The purpose of these sessions was to focus in detail on the state of Biomedical Informatics and to identify opportunities for future collaborative work. The three resultant publications are:

Strategic Report on Genotype-Phenotype Resources in the European Union (Jan 2012)
Strategic Report on the Re-use of Clinical Information for Research in the European Union (Jan 2012)
Strategic Report for Translational Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in the European Union (Jan 2012)

Strategy for the UK Research Computing Ecosystem (Oct 2011)
This white paper was the consensus of a working group chaired by Prof Peter Coveney and largely influenced the BIS publication A Strategic Vision for UK e-Infrastructure.